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  Super Saiyan Work-out Program
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Super Saiyan Workout Program

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If you are a beginner start with the first workout but if you find that one too easy there is a more advanced one under that.
For the basic saiyan work out you will need to do the following daily:

200 pushups
200 situps
25 minutes of running

Its pretty basic but it will work well for those who dont have a lot of equipment. You can get more out of the running if you buy ankle weights. That way youll be running goku style. In a week or so i will put up the next level of workout.

Heh got a new one for you guys! If you thought the last one was hard try this one out for size.
*note:Use a backpack with books for added weight
Advanced Saiyan Workout:
100 pushups: 4 sets of 25*
150 Crunches: Upper abs
150 Leg lifts: Lower abs
Run/Jog 20 min with 15 second sustained sprint at the end.*
Coming up....Kaio Ken training
*denotes that you use added weight